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The Anaheim Resort District

is only 5% of the city’s land, but it generates almost 50% of Anaheim’s general fund revenue — benefitting all residents and neighborhoods in Anaheim.

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* Surplus resort revenue budgeted for FY 15-16. Info can be found at

The surplus revenue from the resort district funds services that are critical to residents and the well-being of the city.*

...And it's about to get better!

The Four-Diamond Advantage in Anaheim

Three Proposed Four-Diamond Hotels:

Creating Jobs and Generating Visitor-Paid Tax Revenue

  • Nearly 5,000 new construction and permanent jobs.
  • Once the hotels are all open, the City of Anaheim will receive $15 million in direct tax benefits within the first year of operation — including property tax, sales tax, TID & bed tax revenue.
  • Increases the rates charged by Two- and Three-Diamond hotels — generating more tax revenue from existing hotels. Every $1 dollar increase in the average daily hotel rate equals $1 million in additional annual city revenue. — benefitting all residents and neighborhoods in Anaheim.

Four-Diamond Hotels Benefit Anaheim with More Funding For:

Public Safety

Community Services

Retiring Debt

More luxury hotels = more bed tax revenue = more funding for the services that keep Anaheim great!

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